The mission of NanoReMedi is to define a

joint doctorate

educational training model in

Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine

where Academia and Industry join their forces to

create a highly innovative research network for training a new generation of researchers who will enter the area of nanoscience from adjacent disciplines (such as chemistry, material sciences and bioinformatics)

establish a solid framework for long-term research cooperation between a pool of leading Universities and Enterprises

build a solid foundation for long-term European excellence in medical nanotechnology

NanoReMedi main tasks are:

to train 13 DCs in a joint academic / industrial programme of cutting-edge training-by-research, high quality supervision, complementary and transferable skills, inter-network secondments, and workshops or Summer Schools

to pursue an innovative research project on regenerative medicine that will tackle highly relevant case studies: “Tissue engineered vascular grafts to replace damaged peripheral arteries”, “Stem-cell based regenerative medicine for bone and cartilage repair” and “Facing with implantation failure”, this last addressed to overcome bacterial severe infection

to transfer expertise/know-how among the Consortium participants and to external groups via networking activities, intersectoral exposure, secondments, workshops, sharing of learning material, public engagement and outreach activities

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will become highly skilled researchers and professionals in the field of nanomaterials applied to regenerative nanomedicine, matching the requirements of both public and private sectors

The breadth and depth of the programme will prepare PhD students for a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates will find opportunities in universities, public and private research centers, hospitals, public administration, government agencies and international organizations. They could join dynamic positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology engineering companies

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